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Let me start off with a little story of how i started to braid!

I was a child of a single parent so most the time, after school and school holidays i was put in child care. I remember one day when i was in a school holiday program they had some long twine and decided i wanted to make skipping rope, the girl next to me was also making one. I tied one end to the pole and proceeded to think i knew how to plait after a few attempts, i asked for help from the girl next to me. She would braid a small part then continue on her own, while i still struggled to figure it out to finish it off. I asked for her help a couple more times and before i knew my skipping rope was done. I was so happy until the girl that helped me took of with it!

The moral of the story is that you should never give up no matter how hard you try and thats how i became the ACE OF BRAIDS!

So from there, like i say to many clients, how did i learn to plait? the first thing i ask is if you had a doll or barbie, “did you cut or did you style”? The majority of them answer with “cut” and that’s where i did not. I styled all my dolls hair, as i grew older i would do my friends hair and now i have 3 children and yes one of them was a girl, thank goodness, who has been my hair model for the past 12 years.

You can do so many styles with a braid incorporated into it, its not just another hair style, its a piece of art that you create in your mind and bring it to life. The best part is seeing your client happy and amazed, at what i can do, that makes it all worth while.

So I made it into a business………


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