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Ace of Braids

Ace of Braids has been operating on the Gold Coast for 18 years.

It was started by a stay at home mother with 3 children, a hidden hobbie turned into a artistic talent, and now those techniques are being passed down to her own family.

view our gallery to see first hand styles that we have done, all styles have been created and owned by Tania.

Over the years Ace of Braids has built relationships not only with regular clients but also other talented hair braiders in Australia and New Zealand! 

If your not located on the Gold Coast we can help direct you to someone nearby That can help you achieve that braided style.

Bookings are essential, please keep in mind that Friday and Saturday are our busiest, so to avoid disappointment book 2 weeks in advance.

Hair Braiding

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Ace of Braids Extra

Blog - Hair braider in the making

Let me start off with a little story of how i started to braid!

I was a child of a single parent so most the time, after school and school holidays i was put in child care. I remember one day when i was in a school holiday program they had some long twine and decided i wanted to make skipping rope, the girl next to me was also making one.

 I tied one end to the pole and proceeded to think i knew how to plait after a few attempts, i asked for help from the girl next to me. She would braid a small part then continue on her own, while i still struggled to figure it out to finish it off. I asked for her help a couple more times and before i knew my skipping rope was done. I was so happy until the girl that helped me took of with it!

The moral of the story is that you should never give up no matter how hard you try and thats how i became the ACE OF BRAIDS!

So from there, like i say to many clients, how did i learn to braid? the first thing i ask is if you had a doll or barbie, “did you cut or did you style”? The majority of them answer with “cut” and that’s where i did not. I styled all my dolls hair!

As i grew older i would do my friends hair and now i have 3 children and yes one of them was a girl, thank goodness, who has been my hair model for the past 16 years.

You can do so many styles with a braid incorporated into it, its not just another hair style, its a piece of art that you create in your mind and bring it to life. The best part is seeing your client happy and amazed, at what i can do, that makes it all worth while.

So I made it into a business………


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Amanda Dockery

“Wonderful job with cornrows to my sons hair comments are all positive love it and thank you so much for the house call and at such short notice you will definitely be seeing us again”

Sarah Beth

“Awesome experience, my 10yo loved it. I sent the enquiry yesterday and was lucky enough to get it done today. Great job Tania, will definitely be using again”

Damion Sanders

“Absolutely amazing!!! Couldnt be happier with my cornrows.. Friendly service and amazing results at affordable prices would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone.”

Hair care tips

How to Take Care Of Your Braids & Cornrows

Wash your hair by applying a diluted solution of shampoo to the scalp. Use the pads of your fingers to work the shampoo around the cornrows. Rinse thoroughly. It recommended that washing your hair no more often than every 7 to 10 days to avoid drying the hair too much.

Apply a spray-in conditioner to restore moisture to your braids. You can use any leave-in conditioner or one formulated especially for braided hair. The conditioner will also tame any flyaway hairs and help them lie more smoothly against the braids

Dry hair completely before going to bed at night. Cornrows can take a long time to dry. If you sleep on them wet and they fail to dry, you could end up with funky-smelling hair, due to mold in the hair.

Oil your scalp to keep it from drying out. Apply oil with the tips of your fingers between the braids. Try olive, jojoba, sage, rosemary or lavender oils. Avoid oils that contain heavy petroleum products, which can attract dirt to your hair and clog the pores of your scalp.

Cover your hair at night to help prevent the hair from working out of the braids. Wrap your head with a satin scarf, du-rag or stocking cap before bed.


Are Cornrows Bad For My Hair?

Cornrows Done Right
Cornrows, and braids in general, require a lot of tugging and pulling on the hair. It’s a catch-22. A lack of tension makes for fuzzy braids that have no staying power, while tight braids mean a possible headache and broken tresses. To minimize hair breakage, the hair braider should be skilled enough to braid tightly without causing pain. Since experience is the only way to learn about correct tension, look for a braider who has a portfolio and knows what she’s doing. Otherwise, it’s a fair bet that the braider will plait the hair too tightly or loosely.

Effect on Hair Cleanliness
Don’t think that cornrows make for funky, gunky hair. Cornrows don’t make your hair any more dirty than normal, and should have no effect on hygiene with regular cleansing. Gently wash braids with a moisturizing shampoo, then pat dry. Make sure to rinse the base of the cornrow so that it doesn’t collect excess shampoo, then use a spray-on braid moisturizer to finish. Air-drying the cornrows is actually good for the hair, since blow-drying can cause extra frizz and damage.

Cornrows and Baldness
Remember that super-tight cornrows pull hair and cause breakage. Repeat the process enough, and the follicle gives up the ghost and refuses to grow more hair. At that point, you’d have to use hair growth products to rejuvenate hair production. The ease of cornrows make them a tempting repeat hairstyle, but your hair needs a break from the constant stress and restriction. Keep away the baldies by leaving a few months between braiding sessions. Your hairline will thank you for it.

Other Damage
Just like relaxing or weaving, cornrows can cause trouble if you’re not careful. If the braids aren’t moisturized on a regular basis, or stay in for too long, you’re asking for trouble. The hair will mat together and tangle, making removal a nasty process resulting in increased hair loss. If cornrows are simply too much to resist, stick with a skilled stylist, and don’t get lazy about caring for those pretty tresses!



Q: How long does my hair have to be?
A: Your hair must be at least shoulder length, if you can fit it into a low pony tail then it can be braided.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Depending on what style you choose most up-styles take half an hour, where as with the cornrows 1/4 style can take 15min, half a head 40
minutes and a full head 1 hour, some of the more intricate styles can take between 1.5 - 2 hours.

Q: Do i need to wash my hair or have it wet?
A: It is recommended to wash your hair a day before, when i style i do use a spray bottle to wet each section as i go along.

Q: How long does it last for?
A: Depends on what style you choose and your hair type. It will also depend on whether you do a high amount of physical activities.
Up-styles can last for a couple of days, and cornrows and braids can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks

Q: Will my hair fall out?
A: When you take out your style, a natural amount of hair will fall out due to not being able to brush it, so don't worry you wont go bald.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: It does get tender when braiding near your temples and the back of the neck, I have a gentle touch and have braided children from 2
years old and even had them fall asleep in the chair.

Meet Our Team


Tania is an artist when it comes to styling. Her education includes  18 Years hair braiding professionally. You know you've gotten a really superb style when strangers stop you and ask “who done your hair?”. That's my goal, for every style."


Samara has been braiding for 2 years, her specialty is doing the Kardashian’s Double Dutch Braids and also branching into styled cornrows.


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