A braid (also called plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by intertwining three or more strands of hair.

Everyone goes on holidays with many of us planning to hit the beach or start swimming, own hair box braids are a great style choice for managing hair in wet conditions.

The size of your box braids will determine how long you can keep the style and also how you can style it.

Larger braids (about 1 square inch at the base) are easier to put in and take down. If your hair is atleast 6 inches long, they will last somewhere between 2-4 weeks.

Smaller braids on the other hand are much more time consuming to put in and take down but the advantage they have is that they can be styled quite beautifully.
Small braids can last a little longer too, usually around 3-6 weeks.

The braid size you choose should reflect your patience level, both for being able to put in and take down the style as well as how patient you generally are with keeping your hair in a protective style.









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